Thursday, September 9, 2010

Eldritch:Layline 010

     Next week, I’ll be blabbing to you all about paranormal(Eldritch) lineage in myth and media.

      But today: A little ramble about Seamus:
    “Sufficiently advanced science presented to a sufficiently less scientific mind will appear to be magic.”
     Sure, it’s based off an Arthur C. Clark quote, but this and variants of it happen to be something my Dad started saying to me when I was little, and it’s something that’s really shaped my creative development. I personally think my grasp of fantasy would be better if I had actually studied science in school instead of art. And it’s this love of both science and fantasy that eventually resulted in the creation of Seamus.
     Those of you who have been with my gallery and I for a long time may recognize this character. Seamus, whom I’ve also called ‘My mysterious italicized friend,’ has been around for quite some time. To be perfectly honest, this comic owes itself to this character more than any of the others (with the possible slight exception of “Mr. Smilie,” but that’s a story for another time). For years, I’ve uploaded artwork of various monsters, creatures, items and more with little story blurbs, most of which written as though taken from the journal of this character. Because of this, I came to think of everything in my gallery, and everything in my imagination, as being part of a single world. Now, that is not to say that eeeeeverything I have ever uploaded is eeexactly canon for Eldritch… but Seamus is where all of this came together, where all the monsters, ideas and oddities of my interests converged.
     In other words, if it were not for Seamus, you would probably not be reading this comic. And if it were not for my Dad, I probably would never have started trying to make fantasy sound at least somewhat plausible in a world that also follows scientific rules. Thus, there would have been no Seamus without my Dad. My Mom taught me so much about being an artist, but my Dad taught me about being creative, and gave me a thirst for knowledge.
      I owe a big thanks to him.
      Not that that’s out of the way… regarding what’s going on in this week’s page… I know, a lot of talking is going on, and not a lot of action. (But at least I finally have the vocabulary out there for the three basic kinds of Eldritch Folk, right?)
      Anyway, I’ll warn you now: This book/chapter is largely talking and world setting. It allows for a rest after the action and chaos in the first book/chapter, and also, allows me to explain some of what’s going on. (I’ll be explaining more about the Eldritch world as time goes on… one of my favorite tidbits will show up in the fourth book. God, I have a long way to go.) However, it also means it’s a bit shorter than the first book, only thirty pages… though I may cut a couple unneeded ones. I just wish I could do this faster XD

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