Thursday, September 9, 2010

Eldritch: Changes 019

     Well finally, huh?
      So… I’ve been in some scary situations in my life, ranging from math tests to nearly being in a head-on collision because a driver passed out at the wheel. Personally, I think that even that would be nothing in comparison to spontaneously changing into something else, especially with no one around to try to help you, even if the best they could do is call 911.
     While “Faith” and I look somewhat alike, we rarely agree with one another. However, this is one of those times where I think she would agree that this is a scary thing. I’ll let her discuss her thoughts on it later in the comic though.

     And yeah, due to the amount of younger readers for this comic, there will be blocked out words.... Because Faith curses even worse than I do, and my mouth is foul.
     Tehee... and by the way, Feline-looking Faith is a Thriller reference.  Yeah.  I'm a dork.

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