Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Eldritch: Layline 018

      Woo werewolf info!  (To the thirty-or-so people who have already read this, sorry to make you read it again.)  *Laughs* You guys can tell what I spent my days in Bio class doing, right?  That’s correct, I had one notebook for what I thought would be on the test, and another for my werewolf research.  One of my profesors thought I was making notes for someone else once… that amused me.  Anyway, well, I don’t know who was the first person to make the logical jump from ‘curse’ to infection, but man, I do love the idea of lycanthropy being spread by a virus.  Naturally, a retrovirus is the obvious way to go, but I wanted something a little more complex, so I added in the bacteriophage appearance (don’t they look cool?) and behavior.  It made things make sense for my particular species of werewolf, the Grahll, information of which will be put into the comic here and there.  However, thankfully, Faith has put a stop to this deluge of information.
      I hope the lower panel looks like it’s a page taken from an old book.  Seamus has a lot of  oooold journals that he writes in.

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