About the Author, the Comic, and the Disclaimer



      Eldritch is an urban fantasy comic, focusing on the strange events in the life of Faith, a lycanthrope trying to learn the ropes, and her pack of unusual friends: Maggie, a self-proclaimed “Crowtengu,” Dylan, a developing coyote spirit guide, Todd, a Bzou (or fairytale wolf), the mysterious Seamus, and Gaoth, one of the fae folk who is not only the local “Oberon,” but also owner of the paranormal bar and nightclub The Layline.

      Eldritch was created by Shawna Garrity, AKA Nashoba Hostina, as a means of tying as many of the characters and concepts in her head together into a cohesive whole. The comic project itself was started while she was earning her Bachelor’s of Fine Arts, and she has continued it though the completion of her degree. However, many of the characters and concepts of Eldritch were conceived of long before the actual start of the comic, and may be viewed in her Deviantart Gallery.


      Nashoba Hostina is a simple artist, working her retail job by day, and working late into the night on her various projects. This hectic lifestyle has allowed her to become engrossed in several book projects, including Eldritch, a prolific flatwork artist, and a master class costumer. In what little free time she has between her job, art, and doing research for that art, Nashoba enjoys hiking, gardening, and terrible werewolf movies.



     Eldritch is for Mature audiences, will contain violence and mild nudity, as well as adult situations, themes, and language.  Some pages will be marked as such on sites such as Deviantart and may be unavailable to minors. 

     Eldritch, in part or in whole is not to be distributed without The author’s (Nashoba Hostina) express permission.  The only places where this comic will be found in its entirety will be here on its blog, or on her Deviantart Page.

     The author has everything planned out, and if something does not immediately make sense, it will later.  If there are questions about what will happen, answers will not be given until the issues come up in the natural course of the plot.  Plot advancement will be slow at times, and peppered with Psudoscience that does not advance the story much.  These are not “Filler.”  These are part of how life goes in this comic.

     This is the Author’s story.  If something is “Wrong” it is because the author intended it to be so, and thus, it is in fact, “Correct.”  The author has done a lot of work and research and has a lot scripted and planned (Please give her the benefit of the doubt here, she does know what she’s doing).  This means that ‘requested storylines’ and suggestions have no place in this comic. This also means, please do not share related ideas with her, or send her previews to your own works.

     In short, do NOT send requests, share ideas with, or make suggestions to, the author.  

     However, should you IGNORE what is written above and insist on making requests, suggestions or sharing ideas in ANY WAY WHATSOEVER regarding this comic BE AWARE that in doing so you are GIVING the artist this idea, and should she already have a similar aspect to the comic already planned, or should she take the suggestion, you will NOT be compensated. (Sorry to have to add this since the last book guys, but some people seriously do not listen, and I don’t want someone to get mad at me later on).

     Regarding fanart, fanfiction and such:  The author is always flattered when folks take the time to draw a picture of one of her characters for her.  However, if you choose to do fanart, please, make it clear that the characters, world, etcetera are Nashoba Hostina’s creation, and kindly link back here, or to the comic’s blog.  Under no circumstances should fanart of Eldritch be used for financial or material gain. No fanmade work is ever to be considered canon.

     As a courtesy to your fellow readers, also, please do not make predictions about what will happen in the comments section of these pages.  Saying you think you know what may happen is fine, but actually stating what you think will happen is not.  Because if you happen to be right, that means you’re spoiling the other readers, and no one likes That Spoiler Guy.  In a similar vein… be nice to one another, okay guys?  Please?

     The author sadly must have a day job, and since it takes supplies and LOTS of time to make this, cannot afford to do art all the time.  Thus, Eldritch is done on the author’s free time, which means page quality may vary.  Also, updates may be missed if the author has a busy week.  She apologizes for the inconvenience.

     And, finally… if you don’t like it, don’t read it!  No one’s forcing you to look at this :3  Go outside and play or something!

     Thank you for reading!