Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Eldritch: Journeys 031

Hey folks, just fyi… tomorrow’s the second New Moon within a month.  A “Black Moon” as some newagers and such call it.  Cool stuff, in my opinion.

Other than that… the week’s been long and frustrating, but not bad.  See you all later!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Eldritch: Journeys 029

In a perfect world, I’d have enough free time to also do a comic about Ron’s werewolf rehabilitation camp.  Maybe after Eldritch is finished, I’ll come back here and touch upon some of the misadventures these guys have.

Also, in here are cameos of the characters my darling lady-friends, Jenn’s Thompson, Brynn’s Bran, Rachel’s online avatar, and oh hey look, there’s a Nashwolf

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Eldritch Journeys 028

Hey guys… remember, waaaaaaaaaaaay back in Layline when Gaoth mentioned not wanting Faith to end up in Elkhorn? Guess what? She ended up in the area anyway.  …Oh my god, guys that was back in 2010.  I’ve been doing this thing for so dang long.

Aaaanyway, hooray for Elkhorn Wisconsin… where The Beast of Bray Road was seen.  Kettle Moraine may not strictly be in Elkhorn, but it was the closest place where I figured a group of werewolves might, somehow, go undetected. And yeah, though he doesn’t say it explicitly, Ron here is talking about Linda Godfrey.