Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Eldritch: Lessons 034

I don't really have a whole lot to say about the page this week.
However, as it turns out, the next full moon coincides with the Persied meteor shower… which, if you’re looking for meteors, is a bad thing because the extra light hides the meteors. (But makes a full moon prettier?)  If you happen to be a werewolf, well... then that sucks; you'll be too busy being wolfy to look at all. ;3 However, if you want to catch sight of some meteors this summer, odds are, this weekend is your best bet.  The Delta-Aquarids are going to be streaking on through as the first Persieds are gearing up, and, it’s the new moon to boot, so there won’t be as much light pollution.
 Happy night-romping!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Eldritch: Lessons 033

Guys.  Guuuyyyys.  I stood in line next to a guy who looked EXACTLY like Lupin at the Harry Potter opening (OMG it was so good).  And I know, the pink werewolf looks pretty silly, but I still think that’s just a result of taking the wolfsbane potion regularly.  If he’d been unmedicated for a while, he’d totally look like the werewolf from An American Werewolf in London. Just sayin.’
Also, man guys, it’s been a crazy week here.  My work kept changing my schedule around on me, (They changed it twice just today.  Twice.) which makes it hard to set aside time to sit down and color the comic.  Thus, I just finished the comic an hour ago O.o  I’m gonna go reward myself with some watermelon and some ponies, before I get up again in… oh look.  Five and a half hours.  Joy.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Eldritch: Lessons 032

Dear Blogger:  Please allow me to reply to comments with my google account.  Otherwise I'll have to reply to folks in the comments section... like this: Eeee, glad to see people read my little ramblings XD
Stars, you're completely correct... I'm so glad to hear I was able to do it properly!
Fouquin: I'm doing much, much better,t hank you.  And no worries, hon.  You comment when you can, and I'm terribly grateful for it.

Now back to your regularly scheduled commentary:

I’ll be honest with you guys… I didn’t think I’d make it here, to the page I'd done initially as a teaser this soon. I suspected life would interfere and make it so I’d miss updates more often… and somehow, I’ve managed to keep this coming out reasonably steadily for some time. Who’d have thought?

Also, there’s a slight change in scripting here… the stuff up top was initially going to be on the previous page. But as time wore on, the more clunky I found that. So, when finalizing the script for this chapter, those text boxes got scooted onto this page. Personally, I think it makes it all flow better.

Either way guys… it’s been years since I did the initial teaser. I’ve learned a lot and will continue to do so over the years of material I have planned yet to come.
In addition, well folks, if you hadn’t guessed by the snitch on her bookshelf, or the Harry Potter fanfic comment back in Layline, Faith is a Harry Potter fan.  So, fi faith were here, do you know what she’d be doing? Counting the hours till Friday, that’s what.  I have my midnight ticket in my wallet, which is good.  This is because the theater I’ll be going to, which will be having fourteen different theaters showing it, is completely sold out.
In addition, folks, Friday is the full moon.  Lots of thinkers in the past, such as Pliny, discussed the moon’s influence over human behavior (thus, where we got the term, lunacy) based upon its influence on the tides.  Of course, back then, they didn’t understand gravity as we do now, so they made the erroneous assumption that the moon affected water specifically as opposed to well... everything.  But you know, despite that, I think there’ll be a lot of tears flowing by the end of it.  I know that if I cry, I’ll be blaming the tears on the full moon’s effect on the tides, and I’d have to be crazy to wear my school robes in July.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Eldritch: Lessons 031

So, that aside… Oh god guys, I’ve been so sick when I made this. Like… man, you guys don’t even want to know. And on top of that, oh man, this page just fought me the whole while. But, here it is. Noting too folkloric here, I’m afraid... but I will say I suck at drawigng graying orange hair in the dark.

In addition… I had an unpleasant interaction with someone recently.  The person involved was likely trying to con me, and ended up offending me pretty bad.  However, things like this force me to look around and realize just how good I have it. I mean, if this little trivial item is the big thing making me upset… that means I have it pretty darn good (well, having been super sick aside).

And most importantly: at the end of the day, it reminds me that I’m SO lucky to have all of you guys. While I don’t always agree with everyone here, or we frustrate one another (I’m sure some of you are so tired of “We’ll just have to wait and see”), I don’t really have to worry about you folks being insincere, or just hoping to use me for your own ends, or calling me unpleasant things, or turning into werewolves and mauling me in the night. Okay, maybe some of you I need to worry about regarding that last one…

I even get to know some of you just a wee little bit, because I see you week after week. You guys compliment me with your comments, your +faves, and your +watches. Some of you guys even donate, and it always just blows my mind that folks can be so kind and generous. Sometimes you guys even read my silly artist’s comments (Which, if you read them this week, and you want to comment, please add in a little howl so I know you read this). *Chuckles*
You know, there are few things as exciting, or as humbling, as a kind comment from a peer. And I do mean peers, since that’s what you guys are, even if you can’t draw, or color, or write; that’s because everyone is creative, and does creative things, be it singing in the shower or gardening or what-have-you.

I am so blessed that you folks have swung by my little corner of the internet.
Thank you.