Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Eldritch: Lessons 032

Dear Blogger:  Please allow me to reply to comments with my google account.  Otherwise I'll have to reply to folks in the comments section... like this: Eeee, glad to see people read my little ramblings XD
Stars, you're completely correct... I'm so glad to hear I was able to do it properly!
Fouquin: I'm doing much, much better,t hank you.  And no worries, hon.  You comment when you can, and I'm terribly grateful for it.

Now back to your regularly scheduled commentary:

I’ll be honest with you guys… I didn’t think I’d make it here, to the page I'd done initially as a teaser this soon. I suspected life would interfere and make it so I’d miss updates more often… and somehow, I’ve managed to keep this coming out reasonably steadily for some time. Who’d have thought?

Also, there’s a slight change in scripting here… the stuff up top was initially going to be on the previous page. But as time wore on, the more clunky I found that. So, when finalizing the script for this chapter, those text boxes got scooted onto this page. Personally, I think it makes it all flow better.

Either way guys… it’s been years since I did the initial teaser. I’ve learned a lot and will continue to do so over the years of material I have planned yet to come.
In addition, well folks, if you hadn’t guessed by the snitch on her bookshelf, or the Harry Potter fanfic comment back in Layline, Faith is a Harry Potter fan.  So, fi faith were here, do you know what she’d be doing? Counting the hours till Friday, that’s what.  I have my midnight ticket in my wallet, which is good.  This is because the theater I’ll be going to, which will be having fourteen different theaters showing it, is completely sold out.
In addition, folks, Friday is the full moon.  Lots of thinkers in the past, such as Pliny, discussed the moon’s influence over human behavior (thus, where we got the term, lunacy) based upon its influence on the tides.  Of course, back then, they didn’t understand gravity as we do now, so they made the erroneous assumption that the moon affected water specifically as opposed to well... everything.  But you know, despite that, I think there’ll be a lot of tears flowing by the end of it.  I know that if I cry, I’ll be blaming the tears on the full moon’s effect on the tides, and I’d have to be crazy to wear my school robes in July.


  1. Man he is fast. Although unless he packed a whole bag of ammunition, let's hope he's run out.

    Sadly, I won't get to see the ending of the whole Harry Potter series on opening day, but I'll get around to it seeing as it is the official end to my childhood. I'll make sure to wait and watch it on a full moon so I have reason to cry as well.


  2. You're welcome. My knowledge on canine and feline expressions comes from three years of work at my local humane society.

    Anyways... on to this strip. I love how you broke up the third panel by using the tress as dividers, and the pose in the final frame is close to full blown submission, though it's a little hard to tell from the perspective.