Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Eldritch: Lessons 031

So, that aside… Oh god guys, I’ve been so sick when I made this. Like… man, you guys don’t even want to know. And on top of that, oh man, this page just fought me the whole while. But, here it is. Noting too folkloric here, I’m afraid... but I will say I suck at drawigng graying orange hair in the dark.

In addition… I had an unpleasant interaction with someone recently.  The person involved was likely trying to con me, and ended up offending me pretty bad.  However, things like this force me to look around and realize just how good I have it. I mean, if this little trivial item is the big thing making me upset… that means I have it pretty darn good (well, having been super sick aside).

And most importantly: at the end of the day, it reminds me that I’m SO lucky to have all of you guys. While I don’t always agree with everyone here, or we frustrate one another (I’m sure some of you are so tired of “We’ll just have to wait and see”), I don’t really have to worry about you folks being insincere, or just hoping to use me for your own ends, or calling me unpleasant things, or turning into werewolves and mauling me in the night. Okay, maybe some of you I need to worry about regarding that last one…

I even get to know some of you just a wee little bit, because I see you week after week. You guys compliment me with your comments, your +faves, and your +watches. Some of you guys even donate, and it always just blows my mind that folks can be so kind and generous. Sometimes you guys even read my silly artist’s comments (Which, if you read them this week, and you want to comment, please add in a little howl so I know you read this). *Chuckles*
You know, there are few things as exciting, or as humbling, as a kind comment from a peer. And I do mean peers, since that’s what you guys are, even if you can’t draw, or color, or write; that’s because everyone is creative, and does creative things, be it singing in the shower or gardening or what-have-you.

I am so blessed that you folks have swung by my little corner of the internet.
Thank you.


  1. I love how well you did the details in this, and how accurately you got the ears positioned here, especially if I'm reading the emotions right.

    By Pane:
    1.Surprised 2.Curious/Perplexed 3.Frightened 4.Attentive 6.Surprised

  2. Get better, that's an order! But seriously, this page looks amazing considering the haze you must have been in.

    I try to comment on every page, and if I win the lottery I promise to donate something (most likely over $1,000) but luckily I'm not the only one. So I have to thank everybody else who views, comments and even donates because you're keeping a great thing going.

    This is where I would post my usual salutation, but because you asked. *Ahem*


  3. It singing in the shower or gardening or what-have-you.
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  4. Well, it definitely has the fangs of a werewolf. Maybe somebody didn't flee... Are there ghost wolves?