Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Eldritch: Lineage 001

I finished up fixing the last of my comic-making problems this past week, so life is gooooood!  Speaking of Good, you should all see Brave.  It's not Pixar's best, but I adore it hardcore.  It has archery, and accents, and magic and critters.  So many of my favorite thingies!

So... comic.  Yeah.  It's kind of rushed, S. Grey looks kind of derpy (he's an awkward speaker anyway, so they go well together), text boxes are wonky... but meh, busy week.  Seems they all are these days.  But anyway... Yay political stuff?  I'm not a terribly political person, but I try my best to provide good, informed votes.  Every once in a while though, I fall into the same trap Faith did and let life get away from me.  The difference is, she at least has a good excuse. XD

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Eldritch: Lineage Cover

Oh my goodness, Finally! After the computer exploding, a time of having nothing to work with, and all of the other issues you can read about on my Devaintart gallery, I am back in buisness... that being said, the quality may vary for a while. For some reason, adobe 7 will not install on the fixed computer. I kind of wonder if the disk corrupted or something (The disk is only like... ten years old, after all). I'll talk to the guy we bought it from and see if he can figure it out (So, no need for advice from you guys yet, but when I need it, I'll ask ya all for it, but thanks anyway!). In the mean time, I have adobe elements 6, (It came with my tablet, but I never used it before)and while I'd thought it was mostly an upgrade, it's missing some features that I figure should be standard, because they're that darn nesessary. Maybe I just haven't found them yet... *chuckles* Or, maybe if I save like crazy, I can just get CS6 in six months or so. Either way, I'm in buisness enough to get the job done, even if it does take a little longer than usual. Maybe I'll finally get around to trying Gimp!