Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Eldritch: Journeys 009

Well, thank god it wasn’t zombie pirates.

So, some things have been kind of disappointing for me lately.  I think I may have mentioned it earlier, but I recently had to make a hard decision and cut a lot of material that was due in a couple of chapters.  I’d been holding onto it with tooth and claw, but, well… it slowed down the story, and didn’t add much; it was a relic of previous edits.  However, I hope that after Eldritch is finished, maybe I can revisit those plotlines, as well as several other stories that I want to tell in the Eldritch world.  There are so many stories I want to tell, but I struggle just getting one of these crammed out every week.  Also, as it turns out, I’m not gonna get to see a friend of mine, who I’d hoped to see in a couple of weeks.  Bummer.

On the bright side, I look forward to next week’s page, and autumn’s only a month away.  Harvest has been good for my garden this year, and wildcrafting’s gone well.  So, while some things have been disappointing, things overall are pretty okay.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Eldritch: Journeys 008

Okay, scraped this together.  Been up since five thirty this morning… so I’m kinda loopy.  I’m also anxious as hell with no good reason why.  Guess I’d better sublimate all that stress and try to get working on next week’s update before I finally crash.
But hey, at least Todd’s doing Big Bad Wolf stuff, yeah?

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Eldritch: Journeys 007

Please forgive Todd in the second panel.  I swear, that wasn’t in the bloody script, but it happened anyway.

Sorry to be brief, but I just got home from a crack-of-dawn shift at work (they’re trying to kill me), and in a couple of hours I have to head right back out and drive to another freaking state and back, just so I can be at work at dawn again tomorrow. 

In other news, the persied meteor shower was neat, so, uh, there’s some good stuff!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Eldritch: Journeys 006

Well, honestly, she just isn’t really well suited for anything else.  I’m not gonna make her a prodigy navigator or something.

I had enough time this week to scrape out something a bit better looking that last week’s update.  I’ve been blessed with more hours at work, but that means less time for other things… but I may have something coming up later that I wanna do, so I need to save what I can.

Also, we passed the 200 page mark for the comic a while ago.  How weird is that?