Thursday, September 9, 2010

Eldritch: Layline 007

      Oh-ho hooooo. Do I spy a creature from the cover of this book? Why yes, yes I do.
      Anywho, in the script, this Ogre’s name is Mike. Seeing as he’s mainly intended to be a background character, I’m not sure why I named him, since neither of his two companions or other gamer friends have names. Remember the gamers in the first page of this book, asking “Where are they?” If two added to two makes four, then this is the rest of their gaming group. (If I recall correctly, only one person paid much attention to that panel… kudos to them!)
      Long ago, I used to be a tabletop gamer, like the nice ol ogre featured here. Every Saturday, for six hours, I got to be someone else. Once a year, I see two of my old gaming buddies, but am always doing costuming and have no time to sit and game. Frankly, I really miss it. But I DO get to enjoy Tabletop gaming and other geekery second-hand. Howso? Right now, there are only two comics I follow regularly. Cockroach Pentecost, and Weregeek. It’s fantastic… I strongly recommend it!

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