Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Eldritch: Lessosn 023


So… yeah, December is busy because of Christmas. October is busy because of Halloween. May is busy because of EVERYTHING ELSE. It’s con month, it’s planting month, it’s my-costume-isn’t-done month, it’s art show month, it’s summer clothes season at work, it’s yard work month… well, it’s busy. So, here’s to hoping that I can manage to keep on top of it all (Also, replies may be slow for this week. I will be gone all weekend and such, but will try to get back to everyone!)

Oddly enough, back when I was scripting this chapter, this page was one I struggled with. For one thing, I like bunnies. We have teeny little bunnies here that eat my parsley and I love them in spite of this. But I also know they’re very, very tasty. I love rabbit meat. And for another… well, I liked some of the introspection I wrote, regarding the ongzorz thrill of the hunt. But in the end, it seemed extraneous.


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  2. So she won't eat Bambi but she will eat Thumper?

  3. Well I kinda saw that one coming