Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Eldritch: Lessons

SO! About this page. I finally got to the point n the script where I could use the Sand Squink I’d drawn ages ago, as he was intended to be. If you’re not familiar with sand squinks, they’re half-coyote, half bobcat electric monotremes from Lumberjack folklore. If you find this interesting, you may want to check out Fearsome Creatures of the Lumberwoods by William Cox or The Field Guide to North American Monsters by W. Haden Blackman. In addition, if you’re interested in the generation of music via electric discharge, please check out Tesla Coil musical groups such as Masters of Lightning or Arc Attack

Also, about synaesthesia… I first heard about it when I was a kid. Mom and I were comparing what colors foods taste like, and Dad, bless him, brought up this condition. I’ve heard it crop up now and again, and find it to be a fascinating phenomena. That being said, while I do think of colors or whatnot with certain foods or letters or whatnot, I don’t think I have synaesthesia. Rather, I think my association with colors or sounds or whatnot with alternative stimuli is conditioned, due to the fact that it’s not consistent, and often match up with letter-toys I had as a kid or whatnot. Regardless, since I use colors to help identify characters, and because of the reasons listed in the page, I felt it fit the comic entirely too well.

Also, can’t forget to mention pocket universes/pocket dimensions, as were explained in Alan Guth’s Inflationary Theory.  When I first introduced the Layline, I was kind of surprised that everyone just accepted that this huge club space was in the tiny little porn shop glamour-façade I depicted, especially since I hadn’t yet introduced Seamus to explain everything. I guess the Layline is the epitome of what Guth said himself:   "It's actually safe to create a universe in your basement. It would not displace the universe around it even though it would grow tremendously."  Which is interesting, because I think I've heard stories of houses that were actually bigger on the inside...

And, last but certainly not least, there are a few cameos on this page! The smallest of which is Burweazle, my little troll character, but what’s more important is whom he’s riding upon. The amazing, awesome dragon is Gold Dirt, a character belonging to my friend SageGoat and the handsome hunk of Irishness is Domhnal, Wolfsjal werewolf character. Both characters are used with permission, and goodness, Dom was a character that was supposed to appear in my old, failed webcomic project… it’s about time he appeared in a comic here, headshot or no. … I notice you’re still reading. You know, those icons are there for a reason. What are you still hanging around here for? Go check out the awesomeness that is their galleries!

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