Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Eldritch: lessons 026

Gah, I knew I forgot to mention a couple of things last page. First off…yes. There is a Star Trek reference in there. I was raised by a spaceman and a cowgirl; what do you expect?

Also, I totally forgot to mention pocket universes/pocket dimensions, as were explained in Alan Guth’s Inflationary Theory. When I first introduced the Layline, I was kind of surprised that everyone just accepted that this huge club space was in the tiny little porn shop glamour-façade I depicted, especially since I hadn’t yet introduced Seamus to explain everything. I guess the Layline is the epitome of what Guth said himself: "It's actually safe to create a universe in your basement. It would not displace the universe around it even though it would grow tremendously." Which is interesting, because I think I've heard stories of houses that were actually bigger on the inside...

And now that I’ve covered the rest of update’s page, I can get to this week’s. When I first scripted this champter, I actually had another long, running sequence. Frankly, I love them. But the more I reread and tweaked the script, the more I realized that doing it again was simply redundant, and slowed things down entierly too much, because it didn’t really say or show anything new. And, let’s face it, this is a fairly quiet chapter thus far. There isn’t a whole lot of drama, save for some internal conflict. So, anyway, the second run sequence was cut down to one page, and ten points to whomever recognizes the background in the last panel from another piece of mine.

Aaand… well, I think that’s it. No need for me to go into repeating what I’ve already said about the history of ley lines and such. So, I’m going to try to catch up on a few comments, and then I need to play with markers and colored pencils, since I think all of my paintings are done for the artshow. So much to do, so little time, but thank you all so much for all of the kind comments, so I have something to look forward to when things settle down a bit!

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  1. we accept it because magic exists in this world, and can be used to explain anything