Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Eldritch: Lessons 024

If I recall correctly, I first read Carl Sandburg’s Wilderness in high school, and instantly thought the first part of it sounded downright lycanthropic, and wondered what made him write such a thing. Naturally, it must mean he was a werewolf ;3 Regardless, since then I’ve slowly put together a list of people I’ve thought would make good werewolves. To be honest, it helped me pay attention in high school history classes. Likewise, trying to work out how werewolves worked helped me in biology and chemistry. *Sigh* If only I found a similar way to make math more interesting and easy for me to understand. But I do appreciate where my interest in such things did help me in school, learning about bull moose and such. I digress though… you should really read Carl Sandburg’s Cornhuskers. Good poetry in there.

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