Friday, April 22, 2011

Eldritch Moments: Earth Day

 Happy Earth Day!  Why are you on the internet? Go do earthy stuff!

... Okay, okay, I'm sorry for the lameness here. They wouldn't leave me alone until I did this and I am so ashamed of myself. I take no responsibility for Todd's idea of celebrating, and while Maggie's usually a bit more playful, what can I say? Planting trees is srs buisness. But she did say "Right now" so, at least he might have a short later, right?

Also, while most of the Eldritch Moments strips take place during the course of the plot, since I'm only into the beginning of October in the comic, this actually takes place before the start of the comic.

... By the way, the rest of the pickup line is "--the bark to go with it, if you anna show me the same amount of love."


  1. Seems like Spring Fever is hitting a peak for poor Todd, he's pretty desperate to pull pick up lines like that.

    Nice extra page overall though there isn't much to it. Makes me more excited for Wednesday's update.


  2. Eh, Todd always has spring fever XD

    It's just a strip. *smiles and shrugs* Regardless, thanks!

  3. I just laughed sooooo hard at this one ^^ I love your sense of humour! =^^=