Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Eldritch: Lessons 019

I personally really dislike licorice.  But hey, if it smells like licorice yet also repels fleas, it sounds good to me!  I’ve actually grown fennel myself, and not only do I find it to be really lovely, but swallowtail butterflies love it. 

Also, by the way, tomatoes come from the same group of plants that the nightshades are in.  As a result of nightshade’s associations with lycanthropic salves, some varieties were called wolf peaches. (I’ve also heard the folk name “Love apples.”  Dunno where that came from though.)

So, um… I found some neat books at the library yestderday.  And, um…Zuchengtyrannus is a neat dinosaur... And… I guess that’s really all I have to yammer about tonight. 

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Wow I sure have missed a lot. Here we go...

    Love the "Fool Moon" audio bit you did. Whenever I sing and screw up the lyrics I do that sort of double take.

    Poor Dylan, has to watch everybody else eat. While Faith seems to be thinking less about any drawbacks to being a Werewolf, I can't really tell if she is thinking positive.

    Well, it's nice to catch up finally. Can't wait for the next page AND the new Moonlit Pathway.