Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Eldritch: lessosn 018

Sooo, yeah.  We all met Maggie’s mom before we met Maggie.

You know, I’ve kind of been pleased that no one had really yet gone “Hey, Maggie couldn’t have known about that stuff!” back on the 11th page of the first chapter.  It either means no one really gave it much thought, or that you folks kindly trusted that I had it planned out and waited for me to explain.  Regardless, now you all know where Maggie got the info from… but why?  We’ll have to wait and see.

So, um… randomly guys, that house?  That house is a Mary Sue.  No, no really.  You know how everyone at one point in their lives has a power character?  You know, when you’re in hichschool writing fanfiction you will be ashamed of once you reach college?  This is the house equivalent of that character.  I’ve always wanted a house out in the middle of the woods, with a trellised garden, lots of additions to the house, and, most importantly, a tower.  It’s like…. You know the Burrow in Harry Potter?  I wanted to live in a less precariously built version of that, in the woods.

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