Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Eldritch: Layline 028

Since things got messed up last week… double update this week!  And I’m posting this early, so you folks will see this even before the folks on my DA page~

Holy crap guys.  Chapter two is done!  Next week’s update will be the cover for Lessons  Which, unless I cut some of the extraneous pages, be longer than either of the previous chapters.  O.o

Also guys, congratulations, you made it through a chapter of a werewolf comic where the main character doesn’t actually wolf out!  I appreciate you guys being patient and sticking with me while I work on establishing the world Faith lives in.  Don’t worry though, next chapter will have plenty of werewolfness!

Now, regarding this page… yeah, this was a bit of a scripting error.  I probably should have spread this out over a couple of pages.  Live and learn?

Also… I know, Maggie moving in was predictable as hell.  Remember page six, where Maggie wanders off to talk to someone about a “rooming question?”  I bet half of you guys realized what was coming right then.  And then, the note on her door twenty pages after that… and, well, tadaaa?  Anyway, now I have someone there to keep Faith from doing anything too stupid. *chuckles*
So! Does anyone recognize the orange-haired boy? 

And yes.  That is a Kingdom hearts knockoff figurine on Maggie’s desk. ;3

Aaaanywho guys, thank you for coming along for this chapter, and I hope you guys join me for the next one!


  1. i love this comic, keep it up :)
    what figure's on Faith's desk?

  2. Oh gosh, thank you so much!

    As for the figure, it's a silly anthro version of Sora from Kingdom Hearts II. I'm a bit of a geek.

  3. OMG! I'm sooo hooked and I started yesterday.

    The text is a little small in this format, particularly when Faith is thinking to herself. As I'm not too great at the computer and whatnot (all my art is still pencil crayon and pen) I haven't figured out how to make the picture bigger and clearer.

    Keep it up and you've inspired me to give it a crack at creating my own comic. I've tried in the past and they all stink horribly. Maybe I need to give furry characters a go =^^=

    I particularly love the world in which you've created :) I can easily see myself fitting me into it :P ... almost like I did growing up with Harry Potter.

    I'm going to get caught up with these as fast as I can ^^

    1. Hm. You're not the only one to say that, but I can read it fine. Have you tried increasing the mangification of the webpage?

      And heeeeeeeey, don't you be dissing on pencil crayons and pens. Those are awesome. I just use the comp for this because it's waaaaaay cheaper once you have the comp tools.

      I wish you luck with your comic!

      Hon, that's one of the best compliments, I've recieved. Thank you!

    2. it is a bit hard to read and increasing mag doesn't help, just makes it blurry.

  4. Paige was in the Leyline, so that means she's probably an Eldritch folk. What species is she?