Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Eldritch: Lessons Cover

Wohoo, new chapter!  I suspect the cover may bring up a question or two.  Don’t worry, it’ll be explained soon.

So… Well, guys, I guess I’ll start out with something I thought was nifty… as it turns out, a werewolf themed site (That I should have found earlier… obviously, I need to spend mote time browsing) recommended my comic; I’m all kinds of flattered by that!  So, While I’ve yet to make the time I should to look at the site (Bad Nash!), here’s a link to the kind article, and since it’s safe to say that most of the folks here like werewolves, maybe you’ll find something of your interest there too: Werewolf.com

Now, however, the important thing: I have a favor to ask.  Winter is upon us, and we all know that the economy is bunk.  Life is hard for us all, and not everyone has enough to get by.  So, if you enjoyed the previous chapter, <I>Layline</I> please, consider donating to your local food bank, or charitable function of your choice.  I don’t know about where you guys live, but around here, there are several places with donation boxes where you can drop off canned goods for those in need.  Spread joy, you know, guys?



  1. I started reading this comic way back on DeviantART in the beginning, and I have to say it only gets better. You are great at keeping an update schedule (compared to most) and I love the characters you've thrown together. Keep it up!

    As for the donating, we here in Seattle have Toys for Tots and I'm proud to say our group donated more than $1250 worth of toys and food. It's a great feeling knowing some less fortunate kids and their families will have clothes, food, toys and a proper Christmas (or Yule).

    So yes, do donate. You'll make some kids very happy, healthy, and warm.

  2. Thank you so much... that's awful kind of ya to say. I'll try to keep things going as best as I can (Though, with the holiday next week, I may not make it *crosses her fingers*).

    And that's so awesome...Please extend my thanks to the group you're with; there need to be more folks out there like you guys. I wasn't able to contribte nearly such a sizeable amount, of course, but I did manage to get some campbell's soups and donate them to the local foodbank.

    Hopefully it will be a warm, bright Holiday for as many as possible this year!