Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Eldritch: Layline 026

Well, folks, there’s only two more pages of this chapter left to go. Then it’s on to the third chapter, which is longer than either of the other two. Oi.

Also, I’m afraid there isn’t a whole lot of mythology here for me to ramble on about this week, since it’s a rather mundane page… but there is a little geeky reference I’d like to point out…

You see the mug Faith has that reads “Mug of Tea?” I actually have that mug. I use it all the time. However, it also is a tad of a werewolf reference. There was a program called The Gates about a gated community full of witches, werewolves, vampires, succubae, victims of voodun practitioners, the whole shebang. Anyway, one of the characters (who was human, actually) had the exact same mug. Anyway, if you ever get the opportunity, I recommend the series. It was rather fun, and the werewolves were handled well. Actually though, one of my favorite characters was Andi, who’s of mixed lineage… dad’s a human, mom’s a succubus, and the kid got some of the succubus genes. And they actually handled that very well, I was impressed.

So, um, about the comic. If you read the usernames, odds are, you can tell what that “thing with the hat" was last week. It was kind of funny guys, I never intended that to become a guessing contest, but it anyway, to everyone who guessed Thylacine, congratulations, you win the internet. The rest of you all, well, you lost The Game. …Please don’t kill me.

Also… yeah, I had too much fun with the usernames.

Oh! And to those who prefer to read via the website, sorry it didn't update last week. Blogspot wasn't letting me upload anything. Hopefully it'll be nicer tonight.

See ya all in a week!

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