Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Eldritch: Layline 025

Oh wow guys… my apologies about that first panel. I thought it’d work out better than that, but unfortunately, I’ve run out of time. So, that will have to do. (Note to self… don’t be lazy next time, and draw the whole dang bird so it can be moved and resized.)

So, it’s been a busy, and kinda stressful week over here on this side of the internet. The week before Halloween all through New Year’s is always busy around here, really. And also, I learned there is some merit to the old saying “Speak of the Devil and he doth appear.” However, this leads to a random werewolfy fun fact: In Italy, “Lupus in Fabula” (meaning “Wolf in the Fable”) is sometimes used instead of “Speak of the Devil.” It, if you hadn’t already guessed, referrs to the wolf in the Red Riding Hood story… which, in early versions, the wolf was a loup-garou.

Hmm, so, on an unrelated note, I’ve received a few comments/notes and such regarding Faith, which run something along the lines of: “Are you sure you aren’t Faith/Faith isn’t you?” or “Is Faith a self-insert?” And you know, technically… The answer is yes. But then again, so is Maggie, and Dylan, and Seamus, and, much as I’d rather not admit it, Todd. There’s a bit of myself in all the characters. There are cranky days where I’m snappy and Faithlike, and there are days when I act as kind of a guide/peacemaker, where I’m like Dylan, and some of my IRL friends might tell you that I tend to ramble like Seamus if you get me going... As if these artist’s comments weren’t clue enough.

Personally, I like to think I’m mostly a cross of Maggie and Seamus.

However, Faith does borrow some of my physical appearance. I… I think I’ve already posted this somewhere, but what the heck, I’ll write it again… When I was first working on Eldritch, The initial character concept was scribbed on a little scrap of something (I think it was a napkin) and read: “Grumpy sister I never had.” So, Faith borrows from both of myself and my sweet-as-sugar sister’s appearances… partially, because it;’s easy for me to draw. After drawing/painting myself countless times for classes, it’s easy to sketch out a character that looks roughly like myself.

Oh, and randomly… No, the thing with a hat is not a wolf. :3

And… I wish I had something more interesting to say. I guess I’m boring this week guys, so, take care, and steer clear of the moors!

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