Tuesday, January 15, 2013

May what happened to me happen to you.

This seems innocent enough. However, in folklore, this is supposedly how one became a benandanti werewolf/ Hound of God. According to the trial of Theiss, to transfer lycanthropy, one werewolf would drink to someone else’s health, blowing three times over the jug and handing it to the initiate. If the soon-to-be werewolf took the jug, he would become a werewolf. This is why you always keep a close eye on your drinks guys. You never know who might be trying to infect you with lycanthropy.

Now, randomly… at one point, this interaction was going to be a lot longer, and the discussion was going to involve Faith’s Father, including his drinking habits. However, I eventually decided against it. There was a portion of time when Faith’s family played a bigger role throughout Eldritch, however, I eventually decided that it would be better to have them absent, save for mention here and there. This is in part because for many, that is part of the college experience, your first time away from your folks… but also as a part of the classical hero’s journey, though I’d hesitate to call Faith a hero.

Some books you may have interest in:
Witches Werewolves and Fairies --Claude Lecouteux
Apollo the Wolf-God --Daniel Gershenson
The Night Battles --Carlo Ginzburg
The Werewolf Handbook -- Dr. Robert Curran

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