Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Eldritch: Halloween 13

So… there are two things I want to talk about regarding this page… The first of which is a local store, the year-round Halloween store I mentioned earlier in this chapter. When I was younger, it was kind of like magic… around Halloween, folks could go in, and while I was sizing up the scary decorations outside, deciding if it was safe to pass by them, something else would come out in their place. It’d wear the same shirt or jacket, but seemed to have transformed inside the shop, the head of that person now bearing fangs or horns. Of course, these folks were wearing masks, but when I was a kid, they looked real enough to me. It was like people went in normal, but left as monsters… which really inspired me in this part in the chapter.

The second thing I wish to discuss is Disney’s Gargoyles, an influence I’ve listed before, though in this case, specifically, I’m referring to the episode called Eye of the Beholder, which not only has a werewolf since, but had the first really wolfy werewolf I was allowed to see (My folks weren’t gonna let me watch An American Werewolf in London when I was eight, of course!) but it also included supernatural characters that dress up and are thought to be ‘normal’ during Halloween festivities, a theme found occasionally in modern media, such as in Hocus Pocus, Halloweentown, or even at the end of Witch’s Night Out (Points to you if you’ve seen that) where literally everyone was transformed into monsters at the end, and were cool with it. As a little tip-of-the-hat to that episode of Gargoyles, though, the costumed boy who meets Faith (Can anyone guess who he’s dressed as?) has the same line as someone dressed as a wicked witch in that episode.

And that’s about it folks! Gotta get working on the next page!


  1. OMG! Loved the Gargoyles Television cartoons! My favourite character turned out to be Brooklyn in there ^^

    I can't wait for this Halloween :D Just moved so we have an new neighbourhood of kiddies to scare *insert Cheshire Cat grin here* ... Not to worry I only go for the teens and the bigger kids XD

  2. The guy is dressed as Zuko from Avatar: the Last Airbender, right?