Saturday, March 5, 2011

Eldritch Moments: Getting Some Tail

Wait a sec… it isn’t Wednesday… and what is this “Moments” Crap?

Well, folks, I’ve been kind of sitting in this little bit of the comic for a while.  You see, Eldritch was originally going to be a set of strips (Probably black and white), and they were going to be as much a story about a newbie werewolf and her friends, as they were going to be commentaries on my thoughts about the world. But, over time I realized that Faith’s story was too complex for me to handle well in that format.  What can I say?  I have no formal training in comicing, so I have my flaws. 

However, by focusing on Faith and her story so much, several of the character interactions I really enjoyed began to feel awkward in the script. Aspects of this scene will be referenced in a later chapter, but this was initially scripted to go in Layline. However, since Faith wasn’t there, nor did I have Faith’s usual brooding inner monologue going along with it, the scene felt out of place.

So, that’s where Moments comes into play.  I suppose you could call these little comics deleted scenes.  I plan on doing several of them and having them available for posting should I get sick or something and be unable to update the comic as normal. However, if I get enough of them done, they may appear randomly as extra content.

Also, for more on Kuanthropy, please read Montague Summers’ The Werewolf in Lore and Legend.


  1. i approve!
    it might be a nice Friday addition to the main Wednesday storyline

  2. Hi there! I'm glad you approve!

    *Laughs* Oh god, if only I had the time to make a second weekly update. Most of the time I'm struggling to get the normal pages done on time XD These "Moments" comics are mostly intended to be a back-up, in case I fall ill, have too many hours at my job to handle, or for whatever reason cannot do the normal updates. However, should I get a lot of them finished and tucked away for emergencies, there will random, unannounced updates, like this one today.

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