Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Eldritch: Lessons 016

So, there’s not a lot of folklorish stuff in this page… but, I did happen to see Red Riding Hood, and, while it isn’t the best film in the world, I was impressed with the mixture of original mythology made for the film, coupled with normal folklore and fairytale.  Some details are subtle… for instance, the female lead, Valerie, wears a wolf fang pendant, a talisman that was worn by the Irish at one time, and, according to Pliny, held a number of magical properties.  They referenced fairytales the Big bad Wolf appears in aside from Little Red Riding Hood, like Peter and the Wolf, The Three Little Pigs, and The Wolf and the Seven Kids… If I wanted to really stretch it, I could see a little of The Wolf and The Lamb in it too. In addition, they practically retell a classic old werewolf tale from the Auvergne region of France.  They even bring in a reimagining of the Brazen Bull, which, while gruesome, is interesting.  Some folks definitely did some thinking and research.

In addition, the sets of the film were beautifully detailed.  The buildings were all characters in and of themselves, each with unique qualities, especially Grandma’s House.  I want to live in a place that looks like that, to be honest, woods and all.  The costumes were all really nifty (I like that they put arm holes in her cloak, so it could surround her better and leave her arms free for acting), and the dance they have in the village is an interesting mix of formal, medieval styled dancing, and something more akin to a rave.

However, I’m sure what you all are wondering about is the werewolf.  Personally?  I like it.  Big fangs and paws and fur… and such big eyes. I would have loved more screentime, but I was happy with what I got.

Is it great cinema?  No.  But as werewolf films go, it’s leaps and bounds over flicks like Bloodz vs Wolves<, or Werewolves on Wheels.  I say, give it a shot if you have time.


  1. aw why is she so cranky?
    oh well let's hope to see her in full wolf form soon :)

  2. Eh, she just has a bee in her bonnet. And, we shall see what happens!

  3. LOL ^^ she wouldn't be Faith if she couldn't whine and complain about something :P ^^

    I'm working on a novel series myself and some of the characters like to have their own agendas and personal flaws I totally did NOT see coming. I'm a apontaneous writer with a large overview of the basic sequence of events. I let the characters fill in their own dialogue and actions and reactions on their own. You could say I go into a trance of sorts when I write. I surprise myself with my own twists ^^

    1. Yeah, she does that a lot. But she's better than she used to be, I guess?

      My characters are sometimes very planned out (Faith) and some are half planned and half minds of their own(Todd and Maggie) and some just show up for work (Gaoth.) Sounds like your method of writing really works well for you!