Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Eldritch: lessons 014

Hey, folks, I hope you enjoyed the Extra Content this week!

That being said… well, Faith’s back at the general area at least.  And now she knows how other werewolves smell, to a point.  Personally, the scent I imagine werewolves having would be odd, but nice.  For Faith, however… apparently, it’s just something she’ll have to get used to.

But for now… I think I’ll cut this short.  I think I’m catching a cold, and my voice is getting all deep and manly sounding, so I think I’m going to post and run to bed.  So, instead of listening to me blather on, instead, you should go check out Sacred Grounds .


  1. The first line reminds me of "Learning to Fly" by Pink Floyd. Perticularly the lyrics, "There's no sensation compared with this. Suspended animation, a state of bliss."

    That last panel is priceless. Am I right in guessing that the face Faith is making is similar to the face you'll be making for a few days? If so, I hope you feel better soon!

    That was all I had for today, hopefully I'll see you next week.


  2. Hmmm, I'll have to look that song up!

    Oh man, it sure was. I've spent the past week sick as can be, so now I only have two days to crank out a comic page O.o

    Take care!

  3. I'm sure whatever you come out with will satisfy everybody.