Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Eldritch: Lessons 012

I’m so… braindead…

I… really should say something intelligent here, shouldn’t I?

In random cryptozoology news, I think it was rather nifty that a couple of kayakers snapped a photo of the Windermere lake monster.  It’s probably a good old-fashioned hoax, but nifty nonetheless.

In art and research news, I picked up A Wizard’s Bestiary at a store’s closing sale today, and was rather surprised to find a little of Synnabar’s art inside (I didn’t know she had any art of her Nightmares licensed out.)  But I was also rather dismayed to find an unlicensed illustration of T’char.  However, that last part aside, it seems to be a rather interesting book, and has a lot of the lesser known critters in it… like a few of my favorites, the Enfield, the Billdad, and South Bay Bessie.  It’s definitely a book I want to cross-reference with my others though.

Um, lessee… in werewolf news, I came across a Scottish movie called “Wild Country.”  Now… I have a nice little collection of god-awful werewolf films, but this one actually isn’t too bad. It’s certainly a far cry from being the worst. I mean… like most werewolf films, it has some problems, and there’s one in this film that I really dislike… but what separates this film from the rest is that the werewolves look pretty darn good!  They were done by
Bob Keen (who I believe also did Dog Soldiers) and they’re huge, bestial things.  Dire werewolves, if you will.  Having been in a quadrapedal costume, I feel sorry for the poor guy who had to be in the suit, but man, does it look good and snarly.  In addition, while it doesn’t really crop up in the film, the folks who made the film were taking the nowadays-uncommon approach of werewolves as being people who were wolves for years at a time, like the Anthus werewolves.  So, while it may not be the best film ever, if you’re part of the blood-and-gore Fangoria monster crowd… It might be worth your time.


  1. Love the first panel. On the second to last, Faith needs to learn the number one rule about smiling in wolfen form; don't.

    I'm happy to say it has been snowing for three days now. Finally have some snow to romp in.

    Anywho, I really didn't have much more to say. Have a good weekend, can't wait for the next page.


  2. *chuckles* Why thank you!

    Take pictures while it lasts! I wish I'd taken more photos of the snow myself.