Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Eldritch: Lessons 011

Oi… So glad to have Todd back to a little size again XD  Maggie is so small in comparison to the others as is, let alone next to Gevaudan-sized Todd. *Chuckles* And I loved drawing that panel of Faith in the center of the page. 

Man guys, I wish I had something interesting to say this week… but not much is going on in this page, science or folklore-wise.  Speaking of folklore though, I’m working on finishing up the recording for the next show for The Moonlit Pathway which is interesting, to me anyway.


  1. Nice page. I don't know how a wolf would shrug without having to defy gravity...

    The first thing I thought of once I reached the last panel was Wily Coyote and Roadrunner. After a day full of failure Wily heads back to wherever, shoulders slumped. Just then, Roadrunner goes whizzing past.

    Anywho, the move went great until the dreaded table games. Weighing what feels like 200 pounds, Atari table games are a pain to move.

  2. Gravity? Pfft, who needs it?

    *laughs* Oh god, my dad and I used to watch those cartoons all the time when I was a kid. XD

    And oh good grief... I hope you are all rested up by now O.o

  3. hehehe ^^ loved this scene too. It's amazing to see how much your artwork keeps improving each week!

    I can't wait to catch up to your latest post!

    1. Sometimes it improves, sometimes it takes a few steps back. Sometimes work or other issues make it so I have to spend a couple hours less than usual, and it shows. But thank you!