Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Eldritch: Lineage 014

I was having the hardest time with this page.  Like… I had to start over at one point.  It was that god-awful. And it’s still not great… but it is presentable.  Amusingly enough, I only really managed to get it rolling after the Equinox, because I spent that evening out and about (and even around a huge bonfire to boot), and it got the creative juices rolling.  So long as it doesn’t become a crutch, I do think that sometimes the best way to get artwork done is to get out of the studio, away from the computer, and do something else, though hopefully, something related. 

I’m heading into a busy season… with Fall started and Halloween activities up and running, I have a very few weekends to do a lot of things.  But it’s so gonna be worth it.  One of my flightier friends just asked me to go to a haunt with her.  I’m gonna have to peel her off of the ceiling and it’s gonna be aaawwweeeesome.


  1. I really like this page! I really like how you made her look in the last two panels! Awesome! Uh, oh, clothes suffering Hulk syndrome. October and Halloween on the way, yea!

    1. Yeah... lycanthropy is rough on one's wardrobe, that's for sure... and thank you very much! I'm excited about this month too!

  2. awesome stuff. thanks for the posts.