Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Eldritch: Lineage 013

Next week we’ll be back to a more earthly environment, though, a less interesting one, depending on your point of view.  Also, no, explanations will not be given just yet.  I’m sure some of you are happy for that, but I’ll bore you all later ;3

It’s been an interesting week here… ranging from finding that I need new tires for my car, to delighting in the change of seasons.  This Saturday is the first day of autumn, so, if you like summer, be sure to cherish the last days of it, or, if you’re like me, make some time to do some frolicking on the first day of autumn.

Now, if you pardon me, I’m going to engage in the questionable decision of drinking some Newcastle Werewolf Ale while trying to make art. 

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