Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Yes, that is intended to be Twilight. No, Maggie is not a huge fan. Faith kinda likes it though. And you know what? I think that’s okay.

There seem to be these two camps about the book, those who love it and those who loathe it. I… don’t mind it. Truth is, I can’t take it seriously, and from my point of view, it’s one of the greatest horror genre satires ever written. Apparently it’s intended to be taken as a serious romance but frankly, I don’t care; it’s still hilarious. The vampires sparkle and the werewolves have an allergy to shirts. From my point of view, it’s funny, and that makes it unworthy of loathing, but that doesn’t mean I love either. (This applies to both the books and films. Yes I tried the books. They weren’t for me. But when a classmate handed them to me, her words were “Welcome to the church of Cullen.” I kid you not.) It’s almost a political thing, one’s standing on the value of Twilight… and frankly, I’m indifferent.

But the truth of it all is that whether you love it or hate it, the success of Twilight has helped make it not only okay, but fairly normal to have a serious love for monsters, werewolves included. When I was kid, it was weird that I liked werewolves and dragons and stuff. Now it’s normal. How awesome is that?

But enough about that, who’s super-duper OMG excited about The Hobbit films? LOTR ♥


  1. I'll confess that I haven't read or seen any of the "Twilight" stuff. I get my Werewolf fixes from Mercy Thompson and Jane Yellowrock. I am really pyched about "The Hobbit" coming out! I first read an excerpt from it when I was ten and it took me four years to track down the book and buy the authorized version by J.R.R Tolkien himself and not the unauthorized one.(Yeah, Tolkien was still alive when I first read it.) The Hobbit was a much lighter book than The Lord of the Rings. But, I must confess to actually thinking Smaug was kinda cool. If you get a chance to look at the cartoon version of it, it was really good. Maggie is such a cool friend and she is right An American Werewolf In London is an awesome movie.

    1. Hey, so long as you get your lycanthropic fix, that's what matters, right? XD

      I lucked out when I was younger, since my father had The Hobbit and LotR. I used to watch the cartoon as a kid, and I look forward to seeing how the films are!

      Tehee, glad ya agree with Maggie!

  2. Okay, I rather enjoyed Twilight, but I wouldn't say I'm a die-hard fan. I don't get how all the teenage girls go super crazy after Rob Pattinson because he's Edward ... I seriously think they could have cast a better actor for him. Yes, I understand the romance behind it and it has sparked the teenage generation into reading again. You can't argue with that, but I don't see the need to riot over it.

    Yes! YES!! I just found and love Patricia Brigg's Mercy Thompson Novels! Those are the last books I bought!

    And I mentioned favourite characters in a previous post. Jasper from Twilight, and Waren from the Mery Thompson Novels for obvious reasons :D He's a gay werewolf =^^= ~ <3