Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Eldritch: Halloween 026

I’ll be honest here: I don’t think there’s any folklore about the effectiveness of running a Ghoul over with a bike. But I could always be wrong. Regardless, it gives new meaning to the term road-kill.

In other news, “Cartoons & Comics > Digital Media > Comics > Pages “ has become my most frequently used category. Maybe I ought to do some work in other categories O.o Thankfully, I’ll be doing that since I’m getting ready for the Marcon art show, though, life’s gonna be busy around here. Thank goodness it’s not planting season yet.

Also, the bike is supposed to be a Honda ST 1300, so, design credit for the bike goes to them (Thank you Honda, for providing a perfect side-view).


  1. Bleh, I don't remember what I wrote before. Blogspot decided to delete the comment I made on Wednesday. So... Great page, see you next week, and #$*& YOU BLOGSPOT!

    Oh, I do remember that I said your lighting is amazing and your art is very clean. Keep it up!


  2. :D ... ... ... (yes, I'm frozen in Cheshire Cat grin mode)

    I liked the motor bike road kill comment ... Is there an equivilant with maybe a horse-drawn carriage running a few over hidden around somewhere???