Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Eldritch: Lessons 038

I honestly don’t know who I feel more sorry for, Faith, or Jay.

You know, Jay is one of a few characters that took over the jobs of characters that never made it to final development. There were several characters that I wanted to include, but, well… Their roles could be handled just as well, or better by other characters. Jay was at one point going to have another worker back in the storage room named Colin… but, I found that paying more attention to one character rather than two worked better for development. So, the two got merged into one.

In fact, until very, very late in development, I’d planned on having a harpy named Bobby be a main character. I liked him a lot, but, much as I tried, he wasn’t going to work, especially when Maggie and Todd could perform the same roles he did. So, he got demoted. Maybe someday when I’m rich (Like that’ll ever happen) and don’t have to do things like worry about supporting myself, I’ll make a spin-off comic about him XD

Bah… I should go to bed soon. I have to be up to go to work in five and a half hours… and then after that, I need to hit the library again. Then after that, I'll check to see if I have my Pottermore letter yet and work on next week's comic. My life is so exciting 9.9

Also... today I’m gonna talk about the importance of sticking to your script.

I have a LOT of this all worked out, and ironed and ready to be comiced. Some of it I have highlighted, so I know what will be important later, and what I can cut. You wouldn’t believe how much stuff I’ve cut out; and a couple of pages have been mashed together. However, aside from those two things, I have one big rule: Stick to the script, and don't change it.

I totally broke that rule and got caught. I had a consistency error (OMGOSH). I altered the name of Jay’s and Ranger Dick’s dog, from Kristi to Spot because I thought it sounded like a human got attacked at first. But I didn’t change the name later in the script. Thankfully, folks (as always) were happy to tell me when I'm wrong and caught me on it pretty quickly. Oops.  I suppose I'm only human... if only I could get Gaoth to schnooker people into thinking I didn't make a mistake, like he did Jay's dad ;D

Lesson re-learned? Yes.

What can I say?  I suppose that if they can mention Tonks’ and Lupin’s baby in the HP movies when they never really show her preggers, I suppose I can mess up now and again.
Okay.  Running on three hours of sleep.  Gonna go collapse now.

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