Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Eldritch: Lessons 037

So, thankfully, Todd is okay.

*Chuckles* Recently, while talking with a friend after work, they asked why my Bzou was named after the fox from The Fox and the Hound. Now… he isn’t intended to be so. But he is named for the same reason.

Todd means “fox”… Which may initially seem to be an odd name for a wolf. However, in this case, the name isn’t intended to refer directly to the animal, but rather, the colloquial uses of the word in regards to a person. He’s a “fox” in that he’s touch on the sly side, sneaking a peek when Faith is stripping down, trying to impress her by speaking French… “Fox” can also refer to a good-looking individual, which Todd considers himself to be. Furthermore, what does a fox pursue? Vixens. And Faith has been a bit of a vixen from his perspective. So, anyway, in case anyone else was wondering, that is how the horndog got his name.

Also, randomly… since for some reason I just wasn’t feeling werewolfy this week, you can thank music for keeping me focused while making this page, particularly Mowgli’s “How to Be a Werewolf.”

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  1. Oh jeebus it's Tuesday and I haven't commented.

    Nice page! I love how you can get so much out of so little, regarding Faith's rant there.

    Can't wait to see the new page later!