Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Eldritch: Moon 034

SURPRISE.  Oh.  Not surprised? Okay then.

So.  First off, I would like to personally extend a HUGE thank-you to those have donated in the past, those who will donate in the future, but particularly today, thank you to Wolfattwilight who was extremely generous.

Also, I think I can safely say that updates, in spite of new job position and stuff, should continue as normal through Christmas, at least.  I’m trying to get a handle on things, and redistribute my time.  Here’s to hoping I can manage it.

However, if I don’t, I have a recommendation for you to look into in the meantime.  I don’t care if your Marvel or DC, Image has just started a series that I think all of you lovely readers ought to look at: Tooth and Claw.

Let’s see here… anthropomorphics? Check.  Magic and fantasy?  Ooooh check. Beautiful world-building?  Heck yeah.  This isn’t a BANG-POW kind of comic with minimalist storyline.  This is the good stuff. This has wordless panels with breathtaking, gorgeous artwork next to panels stuffed with riveting dialogue and enthralling exposition, along with distinctly written and wonderfully designed characters.  Please give it a look-over next time you visit your local comic shop.

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