Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Eldritch: Moon 026

Well… that was short-lived.

I find that love, and especially crushes are weird.  People do things they normally wouldn’t dream about… Crazy, amazing, remarkable things that in hindsight make you question sanity.  They jump into things feet-first and without looking.  And when things don’t work out, it’s the end of the world… No, actually, it’s worse. Even the end of the world would be preferable. 

There’s a terrifying vulnerability that accompanies such things, and, yet, it’s also a blindfold --It’s so difficult to see the dangers that come with love.  And the worst part is that you have so little control over it.  Against your will, you give a shard of your soul to someone, who likely never asked for nor wanted it, but it feels so good to do so. 

However, then, you’re completely at their mercy. 

There are few things in the world more wonderful, and more frightening, than a crush.

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