Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Eldritch: Moon 008

Finished!  Gah! *collapses into a pile of fluff*

Life has been crazy busy guys.  But I say that just about every week so... perhaps, we'll say, insanely crazy busy.  Yes.  that sounds good.  Emphasis and all of that.  But, I have actually left my home on several occasions lately, of my own volition, and not for work.  I've had a few little adventures, however.  Guys, I don't mean to brag, but something super cool happened this weekend:

I bumped into one of you lovely readers!

I was in my werewolf costume, and someone recognized me!  However, the username... I have sadly forgotten.  I'm sorry about that... my brain gets particularly stupid when I'm excited (More so than usual anyway.)  Anyway, she was super sweet and rockin' an awesome Okami cosplay, and it was a delight. 

I even got to hang out with kitsunehoruri of deviantart the past couple of weekends, and she's super awesome.  With outings planned, work, personal obligations, and of course, gardening, life's gonna stay hectic... but thankfully I have pleasant times to look back upon when I'm busy.

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