Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Eldritch: Journeys 024

So, what is it that Granny’s drawing here? It’s a veve, which you may remember me discussing a year ago here: :thumb303215039: However, this veve, while not any official one, is extremely derivative of the veve of Legba, who basically acts as the middle man between mankind and the other loa.  It just made sense to me that if someone needed help moving between the material realm and an equivalent of a spirit realm of sorts, that a veve based upon Legba’s would be suiting.

In other news, the car is fixed, but I missed a day of work due to snow, so… gotta get that time back before the bill comes.  However, I splurged and went to see Frozen, which is a delight.  Seriously, go see it.

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