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Eldritch: Journeys 018

So… back in the day, displaced French Canadians settled in the southern USA, bringing with them stories of France’s Loup Garou, or werewolf, effectively putting them in the mix with good ol hoodoo, voodoo, and generic swamp conjurers.

Over time, the spelling and pronunciation of the beast’s name began to vary and change, and it can be seen spelled as Loo Garoo, Rougarou, etc. The Cajun breed of lycanthrope has taken hold of the folktales of the south, and, luckily for werewolf lovers like myself, it is likely there to stay. This creature (depending on where you go) is sometimes described as being a little dog or fox-like, but is often described as being a typical werewolf.

Details about it vary… some say that it is a cursed man, forced to be a werewolf for a specific amount of time, (for instance, 101 nights) but that this curse may be lifted if someone recognizes who the werewolf is, and, sometimes, draws his blood. This is similar to other werewolf remedies, however, there is a catch! Neither may speak of it until the remainder of the curse’s time is spent, or the man will once again be cursed. However, not all Rougarou are cursed. Sometimes, Rougarou will sneak into a home through the chimney (Kind of like a big, fuzzy Santa Claus), and bite the house’s sleeping occupants, passing on the lycanthropic condition like a virus.

Though, being such a creature isn’t without its perks. Hatian Loup-Garou are supposedly very gifted at shapeshifting, able to become just about anything they want, while Roogaroo in Louisiana have a rather pleasant social life while in this wolflike form, gathering together in great packs not for hunts, but for dances and parties! As if that weren’t neat enough, these werewolves are able to arrive in style… each werewolf has a giant bat that flies them to wherever they want to be! (Or, maybe the Rougaroo just want us to think they have giant bats because they’re cool ;D)

However, if you’re worried about a Cajun Rougaroo getting you in the night, don’t worry! There are many ways to protect yourself from, or scare away these variations of the loup-garou. As it turns out, this breed is a little on the OCD side, and if you set a sifter, colander, or similar object outside your home, the werewolf will be forced to sit and count every hole before proceeding (this is similar to some vampire myths). In Georgia, spreading sulphur around your yard will repel Rougaroo (not to mention everyone else). This breed also happens to be terrified of a very simple creature: frogs. Since they live in the bayou, I suspect this makes life for them difficult. However, it is said that throwing a frog at a Rougaroo will frighten it into running away. Rougaroos are also very leery of Swamp Witches, you know, conjure folk at the like. But, if you need some hardcore protection against Rougaroo, the best weapon is something that you most likely have on your kitchen table: salt. It is said that if salt touches a Rougaroo, then it will begin to burn the creature, and the werewolf will be forced to cast off its wolf form or skin, returning to human shape.

Also, indecently, I hear that Roogaroo have a taste for nutria… so, if you ever want to attract one, may I suggest trapping a few of the little critters and keeping them about.

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