Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Eldritch: Joourneys 005

So… life’s super busy.  Thus, I have no time for fix the derp face in the second panel. 

As for Captain Athens/Vanderdecken… There was a period of time when I was working on the Eldritch universe, and came up with a group of pirates with the intention of doing a webcomic about them.  I never managed to get around to it, but they never stopped being a part of the Eldritch world.  So, when I was working on the comic you all are reading, when I needed a way to smuggle Faith back to America, I knew just who to call on.  They may also show up at a… later date.  But that’s a story for another time.

Also… hey guys?  The Pirates of the Caribbean is not an accurate representation of the folklore surrounding The Flying Dutchman (and neither is this comic, for that matter.)  Just a friendly reminder.  :3


  1. Yay, lore!
    Looking forward to more of this guy's story. And who might the fellas in back be?

  2. Is this Ishmael, by any chance? or Ahab? No wait... is he Captain Hook?