Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Eldritch Journeys Cover

So… I’ve been doing this comic for years, and only now, at the sixth chapter, does Faith actually appear on the cover as a freaking werewolf as opposed to someone with fangs or just a normal ol human.  Huh.

Also, at about ten-thirty last night, I thought to myself “Gosh.  I bet this would look better if this was more of a sunset/sunrise lighting scheme than the one I have now.  Maybe I should change it.”  Why yes.  Sometimes, I am kind of stupid.

I like this version better.  But that was one of my more poorly timed moments XD  However, now that there are two versions of the cover, I now have Eldritch’s first Variant Cover.  Maybe I’ll save it for when I get sick and can’t comic… or maybe I’ll just post it for giggles.

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