Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Eldritch: Halloween 033

If you’re one of the many who recognized the <I>Into the woods</I> reference last week, yaaaay!

So… here’s the thing about Robin Hood: He was an outlaw.  Today, his story is heavily romanticized, just like vampires and werewolves are.  However, while it may seen silly, or perhaps a mistake on Todd’s part, in the Eldritch version of the world, yeah, Robin Hood was a werewolf.  “Why?” you might ask… well, the reason is simple: Back in the day, outlaws were sometimes called Wolves, or Wolf-Headed.  This basically meant that these outlaws were to be treated as wolves... as dangerous animals that needed to be killed, all human rights forfeit. 

This practice may have lead to some of our werewolf legends, such as one from Innsbruck, in which a werewolf corners a woman and demands her diamonds. At the end of the story, however, her diamonds are safe… but only because she traded her loving husband to the werewolf instead.  It makes one wonder whom the real monster in the story was?  Regardless, werewolves in Austria-Hungary and Spain were said to have a particular attraction to valuable precious stones, such as diamonds and rubies.  One could suppose that some of these alleged werewolves were only rogues and outlaws pretending 
to be monsters, in hopes of scaring people out of their valuables.  After all, Loup Garou and Wargus in some cases also meant outlaw. Or, perhaps, werewolves are as easily distracted by shiny things as we humans are. ;3

I suppose that a diamond is a werewolf’s best friend…

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  1. I really like this page. I love the eye-roll too. Your art is improving... not that it was ever bad, I am just noticing that you are getting better and thought I'd mention it. I am enjoying your comic as well as the comments you make below it.

    1. Thank you very much... sometimes, due to the time constraints, I feel my art suffors for it, so I'm glad that I may be slowly getting better at least. <:3 And I'm flattered that you read the brief little blurbs underneath too :D

  2. Bit surprised you did not Know , Robin Hood was Excommunicated and died bled fired a Arrow blind to bury him,bc he was forbidden consecrated Ground. I was a Local as a Kid the old story was he was a Vampire. And his follower Protected the Grave. And if you check the record he was recorded Protecting the poor for like 300 years.And sheep with there throat torn out show up on his Grave. The Official Explanation is others followed his Example and imitation him. And the Sheep are done by nuts, Very Logical. But the Legend is Robin Hood Walks the Earth Very Undead Very Vampire. Couple of years back there was a nut a self styled vampire hunter that even wanted to dig up the grave and burn the remains. Locals Said "No." Those that believe in logic will not allow England's Greatest hero's Grave Desecrated, Those that believe do not mind losing a few sheep. But I seen the Claim he was a Werewolf in a few webcomic no idea how it started Robin Hood Legend is He is a Vampire. Still Protecting the weak ,Yes I know its Cheesy But still true.