Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Eldritch: Halloween 021

Happy Year of the Dragon!

Happy Year of the Dragon everyone!Buuut, back to the comic… Nope, they’re not zombies! But they used to be vampiiiires!

So… the origin of this is.. well, kind of dumb.  While, for this particular bit I wish I could point to some folklore (aside from Barber, Vampires, Burial and Death, p. 197.  Where it's stated that vampires need blood to sustain their body’s exixtance.) The truth is, this has little to do with the initial idea.  You see, when I was a wee little thing, my dad had an Intellivision.  We had a few games, like Shark-Shark, Utopia, and Frogger.  But, one of the games we had was Dracula.  In the game, some of the people you bit turned different colors and, according to my dad, became ghouls.  Now, I knew a little about vampires at that time… that if you were bitten by a vampire then you became one.  Ghouls were a new concept for me, so, in my tiny little girl brain, I just kind of figured they were kind of like baby vampires and would be real vampires if they ate someone.

For Eldritch, however, I took that idea and inversed it. Because, well.. honestly, being a vampire would be far less appealing if you had to start out as a nasty ikky ghoul, right? Right. That and… I mean really, what would happen if a vampire didn’t feed? Becoming a rotting corpse/ghoul/zombie makes sense to me.

So… yeah. Blame the Intellivision for this one folks. More talk about the undead next week.