Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Eldritch: Lessons 029

You know… I was pretty good at tag when I was a kid. Of course, the way we played sometimes, you didn’t just touch someone… you smacked them. Let me tell you, getting socked in the back repeatedly will make as short, fat girl move like lightning.

In other news, life is slowing down a little bit, but things are still crazy busy, in some ways. But good ways… like today, I was able to get some new flowerbeds dug, put down some (were)wolf-print stepping stones, and plant some werewolfy flowers, like marigolds and moonflowers. Also, I recently received a wonderful gift: a copy of Meet the Werewolf which was the first werewolf book I ever read. So, I’ve been lovingly poking through that inbetween researching for The Moonlit Pathway, which has been updated for your listening pleasure. month's twenty minute segment is about Native American Wolf-Creatures and Transformations


  1. What a great trick. Who would have thought that a game of tag could get her into the Wolf form.

    Very nice page as always! I just hope in the next page that we don't find Maggie in Faith's mouth... Nomming friends isn't a good thing (usually).


  2. Lol ^^

    I love childhood games and several of my fonder ones make it into my books as "tests" to see how the kids are doing with their control over their magic. Of course, my griffin does like to put in personalized twists and turns ^^

    I also had the kids conduct a SNOWBALL FIGHT!!!!!!! ... hehehe. They used their powers to help hurl snow at each other :D