Saturday, January 22, 2011

Eldritch: Lessons 007

Sorry I’ve been kind of absentee and everything, I’ve been working like a fiend on this page because it’s update day and  --WAIT, NO IT ISN’T.  WHAT IS THIS? 

Well, folks over at my Deviantart Account  have just really knocked my socks off by filling my tipjar! So, as promised, it’s a double-update week!  The first of the two pages is (obviously) posted today, and the other will be posted on Wednesday as usual.  There are two folks in particular who went above and beyond what I’d ever dreamed of, one of whom donated anonymously, so I dunno if they want me to list them by name, and the other is Kasunami so, you folks who are enjoying the extra update can thank them and the other contributors for this! 

So um… not a whole lot to say about the page, I guess.  I dunno about the rest of you, but if I happened to be a werewolf, I’d totally fold my clothes first, and probably bring a pack to stash them in. It’d make it harder for bugs to hide in them, and stumbling out of the woods with clothes on would probably be less conspicuous XD *Chuckles* And, I warned ya, there’s going to be mild nudity.  I had so much fun with Todd in this page… that bzou is such a wolf ;p


  1. Fancy seeing you on a Saturday. Wonderful page as all others. Plus, you can't blame Todd for looking, it's only instinct right?

    If I weren't so strapped for cash right now I'd donate as much as possible. Alas, all I can do is comment and enjoy your amazing work.

    Well that's all I have, can't wait for the next page and I hope you continue recieving donations, I could get used to this.


  2. Indeed, instinct is what we'll call it XD

    You're very kind, but man, comments and such mean a lot to me too. It lets me know someone's reading, you know?

    Thanks so much!

  3. Most definitely reading! and severely enjoying :D

    hehehe ^^ Todd is just soooo smugly pleased with himself in here. Absolutely love it! ... I think I'm starting to choose him as a favourite character so far :P Although, I wouldn't mind him eyeing me over :P :P :P

    Anyways, I love your little explanations after each post. That's why it's taking so long to get through these. ^^ That's a very good thing :D

    1. I can never figure out if I love Todd or Hate Todd as a character. Half of the time what he does makes me facepalm. But I love him anyway. (I do think Maggie's my fave though. Shh, I'm not supposed to pick favorites.)

      Awww, thank you for reading them! <:D

    2. Want my opnion? I hate Seamus! Sure he serves as to give a clear exposition to Eldritch biology, but dude, he but way to much details and talks so much that he come across as BORING to me!

  4. Inertia! You can never escape from it...