Tuesday, October 12, 2010

E;dritch: Layline 021

I’m sorry this page looks so rushed, folks.  But, that’s how things go when you have to do art second to things like a ‘real’ job.  Maybe someday I’ll be able to make art my ‘real’ job.  Regardless, I’ll try to do better next week, folks.

So, randomly, whenever I’m on the main floor of the Layline, I try to include at least one unusual mythical creature or cryptid.  Since it seems not too many folks take note of the Gulon or Sirrush and such I’ve included, I’ll point out the main one here: The Sand Squink (Last panel).  This is an American creature, known for its electrical capabilities.  Here’s the full image of that creature:  Sand Squink
.  To read more on the Sand Squink, please see Fearsome Critters by Henry Tryon or The Field Guide to North American Monsters by Haden Blackman.  You may also notice a dinosaur in there (You can first glimpse it earlier in the comic).  I hope you don’t find this unusual… there are a slew of supposed dinosaur cryptids, ranging from the Australian Burrunjor
to Africa’s Mokele Mbembe.


  1. Hey, is that a trodoon in the third panel? AWESOME!!!!